The Science of Influence

The goal of communication that motivates action is not understanding but belief. And belief is not logical but emotional. Recent neuroscience reveals what gets processed in the emotional brain, allowing us to focus on the messages most likely to produce the decisions and actions we want from others.

A sampling of top companies amplifying sales & marketing success with 7 Triggers training.

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Trigger Tools: Prepare to be Influential

Customer access windows are seldom and short. The ability to be persuasive can’t be left up to chance or trial-and-error. Years of working with leaders, marketers, and sales teams has given us great insight into how to build a simple tool to help produce powerfully persuasive communications.

Training Program Clients

35 years ago our founder was asked to develop sales training for a former employer, a large insurance company. Since then our customer communications courses have been adopted by hundreds of corporations and thousands of professionals  around the world.