Positioning Premium Skin Care
“After substantial investments in product development, branding, and marketing, we were struggling to hit our stride. Rising Tide brought us to a whole new level, and now sales are doubling every few months. Awesome work by an amazing team.”

– Harrison Varner, Marketing Director

The Challenge

When we were approached about replacing a former agency that was deemed unsatisfactory, we knew we could elevate the quality of the work. But our analysis revealed that a number of business and brand considerations might benefit from realignment.

Principal among the value we brought to the enterprise was the assessment of the main marketing strategy as overreaching and unsupportable. We proposed to reduce risk and leverage the chances for rapid customer acquisition and early revenue generation by recommending a revised brand strategy.

As a small entry into a category dominated by the likes of Kimberly-Clark and GlaxoSmithKline, the new brand needed to be positioned as a preferred alternative – not as an also-ran with a fraction of its competitors’ marketing budgets.


Reposition the offering as a premium brand.

Drive initial revenue with a focus on e-commerce.

Promote subscription orders as a way to reduce cost-per-acquisition and increase lifetime customer value.

What We Did

With some creative compiling and judicious Photoshopping we were able to achieve custom photo results using less-costly stock imagery. 

Job One in order to conform with the new premium positioning was to raise the overall level of quality and sophistication of the brand executions. Tonality, key messaging, packaging, photography, model selection, and all graphic design work were reimagined and produced by the Rising Tide team.

Although traditional retailing was scheduled as a Phase II initiative based on our strategy, the lead-time advantage set a requirement for early production of sales support collateral. We developed a wide range of materials including product one-sheets, brochures, and presentation templates. This included working with FDA consultants on product category claim compliance.

Even though the initial product suite was only a five-SKU line, we chose to develop on a preeminent large-scale e-commerce platform in order to accommodate subscription orders. We designed the customer experience, developed an extensive amount of content, and built the entire site.

The brand’s medical pedigree allowed for wide-ranging editorial content, which also aids search optimization.

With limited media budgets and a mandate to establish ROI as quickly as possible, we delivered a multifaceted marketing plan centered around search, content syndication, social media, and extensive retargeting.

We were also able to leverage the success of a women’s healthcare blog we had produced for the client’s medical center enterprise as a central destination for menopause-related information.

Selected slides from our comprehensive PrivateRx marketing plan
The Results

Within just months following launch of the new brand and marketing campaigns, sales of PrivateRx products have doubled three times. Retail channel sales have begun in earnest, and PrivateRx is now poised to capture measurable market share.