Whether it’s clicks, conversions, or closes, customer communication must produce a result. Before one word or image is crafted: profile customers, identify channels and formats, define success.


Effective communication design means engineering the customer experience to produce an easy balance between buyer needs and brand objectives using words, images, and engaging interaction.


You don’t sustain sales & marketing communication solutions for over 40 years without building a pretty solid scope of best practices. Now available in books, courses, and custom software.

Hack Your Customer’s Brain

A neuroscience-based foundational framework to insure impact and engagement.

In addition to decades of experience in the fundamentals and finer points of sales and marketing communications, we bring a uniquely effective method for producing the most engaging and persuasive communications to our client organizations.

Based on the critically-acclaimed book by Rising Tide founder, Russell H. Granger, The 7 Triggers to Yes insures that both media messages and interpersonal communication don’t fall into the trap of overemphasis on evidence, data, facts, and features. Instead, this simple yet powerful formula serves as practical guidelines for creating the essential emotional connections which are proven by neuroscience to be the basis for all human decisions.

A small sampling of 7 Triggers client companies.

If the decision you want from prospects and customers is “yes,” we have the formula to get it.

The 7 Triggers is now a complete online system that makes it easier than ever to persuade and prosper!

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A consortium of consultants, trainers, designers, and developers with deep experience in persuasive communication, our practice covers a broad spectrum of customer engagement resources and services, from marketing and media design to sales and communication training courses and tools.

Rising Tide president and CEO Russell Granger formed the company as a rebranded combination of his New York marketing agency and his father’s sales training company to bring persuasive communication expertise to individuals and organizations by way of consulting and courses in profitable customer engagement.


An early and ongoing innovator in persuasive customer engagement, Russell co-founded one of the world’s first digital marketing agencies at the dawn of internet media. Featured on CNN, the New York Times, and the cover of PC Magazine, the firm was one of the first to bring major motion picture publicity and content online.

As brand strategy lead for IBM Global Business Services, Russell developed customer experience solutions for clients including Samsonite, Key Bank, Dow Jones, and Newell-Rubbermaid. He built brand and digital design practices for several New York area agencies, where his clients included Samsung, Ricoh, Verizon, Toshiba, St. Martin’s Press, and Donna Karan.