Capture and Captivate

For More Profitable Customer Engagement
Customer Strategy

Marketing and sales communication that builds business depends not on great writing or design but on smart strategy that includes audience insights and brand goals.

Creative Services

Copy and editorial, graphic design, photography, video and web production – with special expertise in user experience for successfully engaging customers online.

Digital Marketing

A media channel that supports entire customer lifecycles has unique demands across design, data, and technology. We’ve been doing digital for over 20 years.

Learning & Training

A 35-year legacy of successful sales and communications courses now with new digital formats and tools.

Get Inside the Buyer Brain

To engage customers, prioritize their interests over your offer.

Why are even the smartest, most accomplished in-house marketing people so often challenged when it comes to adopting the customer perspective? In a word: proximity.

They know too much about their offerings; they’re too close. Sales is often similarly fixated on offers and solutions more than on customer interests and circumstances.

What’s the remedy? Science-based persuasion methods can be remarkably effective in shifting focus to the customer, and producing more reliably engaging communications.

All aspects of our practice – consulting, services, and training – use a persuasive communications formula called The 7 Triggers to Yes, developed by Rising Tide founder Russ Granger.

Segment from our interactive training on customer engagement and persuasive communication for leadership, marketing, and sales.


Rising Tide is a consortium of consultants, trainers, designers and developers with deep experience in marketing and sales communications. Industry expertise includes life sciences & pharmaceuticals, financial services & insurance, technology, consumer products, and small business.

We specialize in brand & marketing strategy, sales training, creative & instructional design, content & editorial – with an emphasis on digital media.

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