Worklife Brand Building
“Rising Tide deserves a significant amount of the credit for the success of this venture. From initial market research to brand strategy and all design and marketing work, their ability to deliver actionable intelligence and uncommon creativity helped solidify the foundation of a new and valuable lifestyle brand.”

– John Arenas, CEO
Serendipity Labs

The Challenge

Retail office suites are an established market, while the growing popularity of coworking has proven the viability of workplace alternatives for young mobile professionals. The notion of a hybrid retail workplace – one that combines the best of both environments – might seem like a slam dunk. But would people understand it? Was the world ready for premium coworking?


Develop a coherent brand strategy for new market positioning.

Articulate the value proposition for clear communications.

Create identity and branding for cross-channel consistency.

Deploy marketing for business and customer engagement.

What We Did

Rising Tide designed, contracted, and managed a primary market research project to both validate stakeholder assumptions and extract new insights from key user segments. Online surveys and focus groups were organized, and detailed analysis was provided.

From a 136-page report comprising primary and secondary market research

Using market research, stakeholder interviews, and competitive reviews, Rising Tide developed a detailed and comprehensive brand framework including foundational attributes, value pillars, mission and vision statements, and a core brand concept.

Key messages and visual design tonality were all developed and produced by Rising Tide based on the brand strategy framework. Extensive identity explorations resulted in a unique logo design that evokes both thought and interaction.

  1. labs-logo-outline
  2. labs-logo

Rising Tide worked with Steelcase architects and interior designers to ensure that location build-outs conformed with the new brand strategy. We reviewed proposed executions and made recommendations to strengthen the branded customer experience, and directly managed aspects of the construction including media displays and interior signage.

Our initial challenge was to build a digital brand experience in advance of any actual retail locations. We did that through the use of high-end 3-D modeling, conceptual brand imagery, and existing Steelcase photography. Functional requirements included a membership sign-up connected to an enterprise platform, as well as a retail location portal used for on-site screen display and as a landing page for member wi-fi log-ins.

Once the flagship location was completed, we contracted for photography and video production and redesigned the website to provide a fully branded, custom experience across all internet-enabled devices.

As a premium brand, Serendipity Labs needs to convey and deliver a premium experience, beginning with its marketing and membership collateral. Rising Tide designed a wide variety of materials – from event invites to video productions to member gift books – for a range of functional and promotional purposes.

Digital, print, outdoor, and event advertising is designed and produced on a regular basis for awareness, consideration, and conversion across both business and consumer channels.

Serendipity Labs print materials

Membership collateral and premiums, such as The Book of Inspiration were designed and produced as “brand experience” pieces.

Click the cover below to see a virtual book version.

In addition to customer engagement design, we also created a range of franchise-directed elements and systems, including a fully interactive brand guide and marketing catalog.

Shopping cart functionality enables franchisees to collect and submit asset requests.

The Results

Franchise expansion continues in earnest with build-outs continually underway throughout the U.S. and abroad. In addition, the brand signed a major deal with a one of the largest premium hotel brands to co-locate Serendipity Labs locations within properties around the world.